Historic – pre 2010

Here’s a great pic from 1964 sent along by Ken Peak. Thanks Ken

old surf photo

Golfie 1964 by Ken Peek

Presented in no particular order but Thanks to Laurie Andrew for supplying the following

First pre meeting of the club

First pre meeting of the club's possible formation


Group of Longboard surfers Day One of the Mollymook Longboarders Club

Day One of the Mollymook Longboarders Club


Competition of Longboard Surfers at Golf Course Reef

The best and most famous golfie photo ever according to Laurie Andrew


Longboard surfers on Narrawallee Beach

Narrawallee Beach 2003


Man and Scoreboard

Narrawallee nov 2003 with the great white hope on the scoring



December 2003 comp


Group of longboard surfers watching competition

April 2004 comp

Charity Classic 2016
Next Competition
Next Comp: Sat 19th March 2016. The Mollymook Longboard Club compete every third Saturday of the month. Its standard to meet in the car park at Golf Course Reef at 7.30am and decisions are made as to the best break for that days comp.
Current Club Pointscore
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