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It is intended to establish a compendium of surf fitness articles here for everyone’s benefit. Please send articles along if you feel appropriate.
Everyone know what base fitness have and the majority of us know that our own level of fitness can always improve. In searching the net for fitness articles one of the dominant and most extensive Fitness for Surfing programs seems to be from Western Australia where Clayton Beatty has put together his program called
I spoke with Clayton and he let me have a quick look at the package. Its very extensive and he certainly seems to know what he is talking about. Take a look if you are looking to improve your all round and in particular your surfing fitness.
In the mean time here is a link to a video of Clayton doing a pre surf warm up:

Following here is another not so pro recording of some surfing fitness tips.
[flvgallery video=”” title=”Surfing” caption=”Total Fitness: Strength Exercises” thumbnail=”” url=”” url_text=”” url_icon=”” width=”850″ height=”470″]

Here’s a video of Mick Fanning doing a pre heat warm up

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