The 2011 Mollymook Longboarders Charity Classic was held over the weekend of 13/14 August. With 63 competitors in eight divisions, numbers were about the same as in 2010. The contest kicked off on Saturday at Golfcourse Reef, but had to shift to Mollymook Beach Reef on Sunday due to a lack of waves at Golfy.  Conditions throughout Saturday were very surfer friendly with shoulder to above head-high waves, light winds, and sunshine all day.  Unfortunately the swell dropped overnight and although at Mollymook Reef there were plenty of contestable waves to be had, the quality was much reduced from Saturday, making wave selection much more critical and introducing an element of luck.  Graham Sorensen was again the contest Head Judge and Steve Pinnington was the official Tallyer; their continued support always adds to the status of the contest  The relaxed atmosphere for which the contest is now well-known prevailed on both days.


Standout surfers in the Saturday heats were: Christian Pimm and local Phil Jirsa in the Open 8ft division; local surfers Phil Jirsa, again, and Brad Karlson in the Over 46 division; local Nick de Jong in the Over 57 division; and locals Losal and Matt Maris in the Old Mal division.  Christian Pimm particularly and Matty Cook from Cronulla in the Open 9ft division put on an almost  master class demonstration of power surfing, with vertical manoeuvres and amazing footwork, which was applauded with hooting from the beach by the many spectators.  Of note was the rivalry of mother Josie Charles and daughter April in the Women’s division, with April giving her mum no quarter.


On Saturday night many of the competitors and their supporters enjoyed the music of local musician Roddy Reason at the Commercial Hotel in Milton.  Roddy generously donated his performance in support of the contest.


The conditions on Sunday were a bit more difficult for the semis and finals.  On the high tide a shore break had to be negotiated for maximum points and there were some great wipe-outs as surfers attempted to push through a close-out section or to kick out   However, the better surfers mostly seemed to be able find the better waves, and there were few surprises in those who made it through to the finals.  The venue at Mollymook Reef places the spectators much closer to the action than Golfy, and in the more difficult conditions there were plenty of opportunities for surfers to hear the spectators hooting their efforts, which included a few barrels and cover-ups and some difficult close-out off-the-lip re-entries.  Once again it was Christian Pimm and Matty Cook who were the standout surfers, with Christian producing some air manoeuvres in both the 8ft and 9ft finals that even had Matty applauding.  Other notable performances came from perennial grommet Johnny Skinner in the 8 footers and in the Over 46 division, Rhys Williams and Lex Evans in the Old Mal division in difficult conditions for the boards, Josh Couriel in the Juniors, and Nick de Jong in the Over 57 division.


After the contest, a surfer’s paddle-out was held at Golfcourse Reef for club member Will Maris who died after a period in hospital following his rescue from the surf on 17 July.  52 surfers and a dog participated in the paddle-out, which was also observed by many on the shore.  It was a fitting and emotional farewell at the break where Will rode his last wave.


Special thanks to Southern Man Surf Shop for support and sponsorship of the contest, to Ken Peek for the Sea Crest longboard he made for the raffle, and to Greg McCarthy for the framed photos that he donated for the raffle.  Prize sponsors included:  Xcel;  Rip Curl;  Peak;  Balin;  Mrs Palmers;  Creatures of Leisure;  Boost Mobile;  Sector 9;  Arnette;  Von Zipper;  Quiksilver; Electric;  Dakine;  Dragon;  Line Art; and, Volcom.  Other sponsors were Deering St Printers and Keith Purvis Podiatry.  Thanks to Geoff Barnett and partner Julie and much appreciation for their catering efforts, and  to the club members, particularly the Maris family, who operated the food tent, which was the socialising hub on both days.  As usual, Laurie Andrew’s carefully selected music created the right ambience throughout the contest.


The proceeds from the 2011 contest will be donated to the Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service, which provided such an incredible service after the rescue of Will Maris.





1    Christian Pimm 1   Christian Pimm 1    Ray Blackman 1    John Skinner
2    Matty Cook 2   Matty Cook 2    Robert Couriel 2    Rod Dale
3    Matt Maris 3   John Skinner 3    Dave Hayes 3    Tony Boyd
4    Tom Leach 4   Phil Jirsa 4    Dean Cristallo 4    Rob Smith
5    Rhys Williams 5   Robert Couriel 5    Sean Chivers 5    Rob Maher
6    Tony Boyd 6   Shane Dobing 6    Wayne Lindgren 6    Phil Jirsa
1   Nick de Jong 1     Rhys Williams 1     April Charles 1   Josh Couriel
2   Laurie Andrew 2     Lex Evans 2     Lara Murphy 2   Caellum Purvis
3   Jon Lavers 3     Losal 3     Bernie Murphy 3   Luka Couriel
4   Mike Greentree 4     Laurie Andrew 4     Ashley Rutten 4   Tom Kurz
5   David Pimm 5     Matt Maris 5     Josie Charles 5   Clint Corbin
6   Wayne Hopkins 6     Alex Kiss 6   Jake Skinner




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